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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Jormong

    Nightmare: Unlike normal Nightmares he has blue fire coming out of him.
    Daymare: A pure white pony with with water flowing out of his mane and tail.

    Nightmare: Has power over dreams. Power varies depending on pony he is working on. If the pony is overly happy Jormong will be able to cause many nightmares to it to "tone it down" a bit. Same goes the other way around.
    Daymare: Even without having a horn he has power over magic that Unicorns have.

    Biography: Jormong used to be one of the highest ranking and most powerful Nightmares out there, but he was affected by the old saying "Too much power corrupts" He started doing literally whatever he wanted, ignoring others... that is until the other Nightmares had enough of him and decided to seal most of his power away and bring him down to some of the lower rankings.

    Personality: At first he was a bit of a !@#$. But after his power was sealed away he had become much more docile then he was before.

    Relationships: A sort of rivalry is going on between him and Berathor. He is also a good friend with Moro, the other teacher. Closest thing to a relationship is with Sandy.

    Cutie Mark: Burned off in a early age.
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