Ralston Allcott

Turning his gaze onto the gates as they swung open his mouth turned into a grim line. It looked ominous, the headless statues, the cobblestone disappearing into the mists. This town did not seem to be the quaint burg he was hoping for. Nothing ever seemed to be what he was hoping for in this gloomy land.

That was when he heard the halfling speak to someone, and his eyes went to his new companion. The skeleton stooped to pick up its equipment, and Ralstons hand went to his mace at his belt.

"I don't mean to alarm you sir Halfling, but this thing you've ushered from this box is an abomination. If you don't wish it destroyed post haste, you should explain yourself..."

His eyes watched the halfling, seeing that Mr.Peppers seemed to have the same idea, that the skeleton was indeed a strange and unwelcome addition to the scene.