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    Default Re: [3.5e NPC PrC] Child of the Forest (PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Icedaemon View Post
    Indeed a nice idea. One thing that I suggest changing is the familiar into an animal companion, at least if the idea of this class being a requirement for Druid (definitely a good one in my book, especially for low-magic settings) is used. I shall follow your work with interest.
    Well, when I think of a kid lost in the woods, usually they make friends with a smaller animal, such as a hawk or toad as opposed to a tiger. When (if) they become a Druid, they would then get the Animal Companion in addition to the Familiar.

    Now that I think of it, I'll make sure to say that levels in Druid stack with levels in this class for determining the extra bonuses to the Familiar.

    If you honestly think that it would be more appropriate for whatever setting this would be used in for the Familiar to be replaced by an Animal Companion, then that's up to you. I personally feel that a Familiar better fits the lower power level of this class.

    I was going to drop the whole "NPC caster entry PrCs" thing, but since it was apparently popular, I guess I'll go through with the other two. Problem is of course figuring out what to do with the Psion since they only get three powers to start anyways. Though it's pretty obvious that Naturally Psionic or Wild Talent are the main prereqs...

    And now I feel all out of the loop. What is this "Aisling" that you speak of?

    Edit: Icedaemon, have you browsed my Extended Signature? The majority of my PrCs are primarily made for NPCs and the Mage's Assistant is much like this, save based on the Wizard.
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