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The Brass Man sounds a little like the Colossus from jason and the Argonauts...
A fully advanced brass man is size Huge and has 30 Hit Dice. I'd say that could definitely fill in for Talos. Just refluff the brass as bronze and the molten brass as Talos' ichor flow, and viola.

Giant crayfish were surprisingly common opponents in early modules. I always felt like my characters should carry around a giant keg of butter, just in case!
And with the giant crayfish having been in the original Tome of Horrors, you can recreate all the fun of a crawdad boil with your fire-blasting Wizard and company!


Burning Dervish
Hey, another City of Brass inter-title refugee. The burning dervishes are CR 7 outsiders dedicated to zealously serving and spreading worship of the Sultan of the Efreet, ruler of the aforementioned book's titular city. They were once a tribe of jann, until they decided they wanted Ultimate Power™ and made a pact that sold their souls to the Sultan; as a result, they are now evil, fiery, and slightly unhinged. They are actually pretty dangerous in combat, wielding falchions and capable of setting themselves ablaze to immolate opponents. In addition, they have the ability to shrink enemies or enlarge themselves for an advantage in combat, become invisible to sneak upon a foe, and plane shifting for when they feel the battle isn't going their way and they want to run away and live to fight their holy war another day. This is an interesting monster, truly, but it does have the slight detraction of either needing refluffing or requiring you a further to shell out $50 or more to get City of Brass and find out more about the end goals of the Sultan of the Efreet.

I'm surprised we went this long without seeing an undead. In spite of its rather generic name, the cadaver is actually a pretty nasty surprise for players. While it resembles a zombie, and indeed shares said monster's mindlessness, these CR 2 creeps spread filth fever and are very hard to keep down...and by "hard to keep down", I mean "you'd better hope you have a Cleric on hand". Unless they have been turned by a Cleric or had gentle repose cast on them, cadavers felled by reduction to 0 Hit Points simply begin regenerating before they're up to fight again. While you could theoretically whittle them down with enough time and magic (damage dealt by spells or magic weapons don't regenerate), the fact remains that an undead monstrosity that can seemingly constantly rise back up from being re-slain is a dirty trick. And I love it.

Om-nom-nomming their way through the Elemental Plane of Earth, caterprisms are large CR 6 earth elementals that resemble caterpillars made out of crystal. While they're rather dangerous in combat, with a vorpal bite and the ability to shoot out piercing crystal silk, what's really notable is this line in the fluff:
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Dwarves have been known to bring caterprisms under some degree of control, using them to help carve out new mines and dwelling places.
I think the mental imagery of that statement speaks for itself.