Name: Ember Blaze

Race: Earth Pony

Appearance: Scarlet red coat with an orange spiky mane and tail. Almost looks like a nightmare pony, but her hair isn't actually fire, much to her chagrin. Always has a black fireproof coat on, and is almost always seen "Smoking" candy cigarettes and cigars.

Age: 15-16

Skills: Anything involving fire. Fire eating, fire breathing, fireworks, ETC. If it involves fire or setting things on fire, she's good at it.

Biography: Ember Blaze found her passion for setting things on fire at an early age. Since then, she has been prone to setting things on fire at the drop of a hat, as long as the things aren't important. It also doesn't help that she has two wrist mounted flamethrowers. She joined the Carnival a while ago since they had need of a fire eater.

Personality: Extremely hot headed. It's best not to get her mad or she'll set your mane on fire. It'll be harmless, but it's still getting your mane set on fire.

Relationships: Knows Soft from a couple years ago. That's it.

Cutie Mark: A campfire.