Name: Flimflam McSchemes IV

Type: Unicorn

A thin colt with a dark green coat and white mane. Wears a top when not working or a straw boater hat while on duty. Looks bishie when he removes his hat.

Cutie Mark:
A boater hat with a purple ribbon.

Special Talent:
Attracting crowds

Other Skills:
Scamming ponies. Being a large ham. Sparkling.

Flim is the carnival barker for the Arcade of the The Capriole traveling carnival. Born into a family of carnies, he was with it since birth and has been traveling with the Capriole.

Flim is a sneaky pony like all con ponies. His knowledge of game rigging, taught by his mother, has made him distrustful of anypony not close to him. He see everypony as a mark and will do anything to get money if he needs it, which is often as he is a shopaholic. Flim does have a strong sense of hope which he neds to track down his missing father.

Outside of his carnie friends, Flim has few.

Grills: He believes Grills is his half brother via his father
Gaston: He believes Gaston, a famous hunter, was his half brother but Gaston died before he could confirm.