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Thread: I will draw your D&d character.

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    Posting up my character in the off-chance you ever find time for him :P

    Race: Tiefling (4e style)
    Class: Psion
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: ~160-170 lb
    Characterization: Merchant prince in self-exile from his father's enemies that has recently deigned to bounty hunting out of necessity. A vain, arrogant, spoiled, amoral thug with considerable psychic, particularly telepathic power. In spite of his haughty, naked arrogance, he nonetheless manages to remain archetypically calm, collected and cool; a requirement for using his powers in an effective manner. Mentioned as it might help you depict him.

    Accessories: Nearly always accompanied by his shaped consciousness; a glowing fragment of his mental essence made manifest, which typically takes on his idealized likeness.

    Often adorned in ostentatious finery and ornate clothing and armour which is predominantly black leather with silver metal highlights featuring the occasional inset ruby.

    He is inseparable from his implement; a large crystalline, glowing orb that contains patterns of swirling black and deep blood red, like ink clouds suspended within a liquid medium. The orb levitates in place between his hands, red-black bolts of psychic energy arcing between his palms and the sphere when it is not thrust towards an opponent.

    Appearance: Has dark, blood red skin. Medium, lightly muscled build. Short silver hair. Often manifests a roiling black/blood red horizontal halo and eye glow when manifesting his psionic powers. Facially he has a handsome, refined, almost 'pretty boy' appearance (see reference). The colouration of this halo closely resembles that of his crystal orb. Short, albeit prominent curved horns in the style of a 4th ed tiefling top his head. Often seen with his arms smugly crossed, along with a condescending smirk.


    Animus (no horns; couldn't find any which were suitable):

    Shaped Consciousness (colouration ideally black/red):

    4e Tiefling:

    Crystal Orb:
    Similar to this, but with black and deep blood red clouds shifting, mixing and roiling like ink suspended in fluid.