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    Default [3.5 Template/Disease]Fevirification [PG 13+ish]

    ahem... well.... I got the idea from reading a manga about 30 min ago....
    I could use some help on Level Adjustment. Otherwise to buff? to weak? to much of something? Something I missed or you think I should add?
    I'm scaling it next to vampirisim.

    well... here it is:


    ^pic: a Feviri midway into fevirification.
    "This is so embarrassing!"
    ~famous quote nearly every Feviri utters.

    Intended to the the next evolution in the species, The Feviri virus was created in an Arcane Research center specializing in body mods. The Feviri was intended to increase the effectiveness of humans by combining the genders, all the best traits of either sex with a little arcane push. In an unfortunate accident the virus was released in vapor form infecting the entire team of seven who were working on the project. The building was quarantined and to be entrapped in a barrier while the area was decontaminated. It was for nothing however, as the unfinished copy escaped, Spreading airborne at alarming speeds unbeknown to the researchers.
    The seven were put under watch in a contained environment for months to both monitor the conditions and make sure theres no danger. Within 24 hours after infection changes to the subjects were apparent. The two women infected grew male genitalia minus reproductive parts (*cough*noballs*cough), their features hardened, becoming more defined but were otherwise unscathed. The men however, in 24 hours time had femininized. While still identifiable they had obviously become visually female. They lost their testicles in favor of developing breasts and a vaginal tract leading to a semi-developed womb that while functional for the most part- is unable to create life.
    Non apparent transformation included weight gain due to rapid increase in muscular density, in effect becoming able to lift more with less muscle. Brain functions were increased, processing information and sending at much faster rates and they gained heightened mental capacity allowing each Feviri to manifest limited psionic power untrained, and one thing is for sure. They sure got charismatic whether it be cuteness, seductiveness, forcefulness. That part differed from subject to subject. But one such trait was amplified in all of them.

    Many years later cases of Feviri have popped up across the plane and more knowledge is known of them. The Feviri seem to mature much faster, reaching physical and mental maturity three times as fast as the base species, They remain in full maturity never aging again until they die naturally of old age, which through the help of divination magic is discovered to be four times farther away then base species. It was also noticed by a young blue mage that Feviri seem to have twice sexual activity, which many find odd as they are incapable of reproduction. Later note revealed why; Fevirification is also an STD with 20% effectiveness (chance of infecting partner).

    Fevirification has long since left the air, becoming grounded/finding hosts or just dying off. However any exposed to it have a forever more 5% chance of passing it on to their children if they themselves did not get effected. This 5% chance always remains, though it lowers to a minimum of .0001% chance eventually for future generations the Feviri virus never leaves their gene pool ( -1% each for each generation )

    Now at present date (Default, change if you want in your own use) Feviri are known little of. The oldest ones are sometimes regarded as divine beings in some cultures, demonic in some others. But generally in the more advance cultures: Weapons. Their skills make them useful as powerful fighters for special task forces, or excellent tools for churches against the Undead. Their abilities letting them fight against the vampire threat more safely then a normal human with an but an ax. Feviri can pop up anywhere, by now though the chances of new Feviri is low, about .001% chance that you'll become a Feviri in puberty. Laws and restrictions prevent most Feviri from spreading their disease to non Feviri, they must use powerful protection or remain with other Feviri and in most parts of the world are restricted from going public about what they are. In young new Feviri they are usually kept silent due to the embarrassment of waking up one morning to find you have male parts, and a bad case of morning wood. Sometimes this change takes place at school, or in public, Its generally very inconvenient.
    But none can doubt their capabilities.

    Racial Features
    1st +2 Str, +2Dex, +2App, -1 con, +2 Cha
    5th +1 Str, +1 Dex, +1 App, -1 con, +1 Int. +1 wis, +1 Cha
    10th +1 Str, +1 Dex, +1 App, -1 con, +1 int, +1 wis, +1 Cha

    Base Land Speed:
    1st +5ft
    5th +5ft
    10th +5ft

    Low-Light Vision (Ex):
    1st +Low light vision
    5th +darkvision: 30ft
    10th +darkvision: +30ft.

    The Feviri gains power points they can spend on augmenting their Special abilities if augment-able. They as such, may also take psionic feats and obtain psionic focus, they also add Autohypnosis as a class skill.
    1st 5 power points
    5th 10 power points
    10th 20 power points

    Special Abilities:
    Manifestation level equal 3/4th character level.
    1st Far hand, at will. Missive, at will.
    5th Telekinetic Force, Cha mod/day, Telekinetic Thrust, Cha mod/day, Body Adjust, Cha/day, Body Purify, Cha/day
    10th Telekinetic Maneuver, Cha mod/day, Psychic Reformation, Cha mod/day
    15th Temporal Acceleration, Cha mod/day
    20th Iron Body, At Will, Telekinetic Thrust and Force, at will, Body Adjustment, at will.

    Feviri are not all benefits, it was an incomplete virus after all.

    Temperamental: Feviri are very temperamental and are prone to mood changes on the fly. They take a -1 penalty to will saves, -4 to diplomacy, Otherwise this flaw is all
    in the hands of the roleplay.

    Fragile constitution: Though physically they are fit, the nature of the virus shreds their Immune System, They take a -2 penalty to saving against diseases and poisons and are more prone to suffer from high or low climates (They hate summer and are quite prone to violent teeth chattering during winter) Treat weather conditions ten degrees colder or warmer depending for purposes of determining environment based effects.

    Lust Dependency: Feviri require sex bi weekly, otherwise they grow incredibly week. Every three days (starting at -0) they get a -1 to they're constitution, and a -2 to they're strength scores until they reach 1.

    Alternative- Bloodthirst. Feviri require the blood of sentient beings once every week or suffer -2 to all abilities every day after the first 7 days until they all reach 1.


    The Geviri: Exactly the same, however it turns all males into complete females. and all females... into even more female! (+2 extra Appearance)
    Otherwise exactly the same, still keeping lust, however Blood drain is now not optional, it is used in addition to lust. Lust however, is still optional only if campaign does not allow such things.
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