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    The Dagger Master--Takes one of the worst weapons in the game and makes it awesome.
    The Servant--NPC class
    Generic Super Tier 1: This was a silly homebrew to prove that no subsystems are required to make a character more powerful than any existing T1 classes. It is in a spoiler box.

    Balancing NPCs--Since RAW NPCs are too weak

    Class Features
    The Animal Companion Reborn--Since the ranger's animal companion is too weak

    Balancing mundane weapons--an attempt to put the melee weapons from the player's handbook on a level-playing field

    Vote up a monster--A mid-leveled plant swarm/cold/shapechanger
    White Wyrmling Swarm--You thought one dragon was scary? Try facing 1000 dragons at once!


    Blessed Aura--effects vary widely, making it more interesting

    7 useful water spells

    Vote up an epic spell!


    A Wizard Could Do Worse: 4 feats that can buff a non-caster up to tier 2+
    Meta Knowledge, True Chain Reaction,
    Perfect Running, and
    Commoner's Surprise

    Also try my Animal companion feats.
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    I vote for everything 137ben has ever said.

    I vote for everything this guy says. I like the cut of his jib.
    I won a thread. Am I pathetic to list that in my signture? Yes. Of course I am.
    Am I pathetic for copying this signature from Cizak? Yes. Of course I am.