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I can't believe I'm commenting on this myself, but since you don't have the decency to let it die on its own, I guess I'll make a few comments.

One, this fails biology forever. A womb that cannot sustain life isn't "functional for the most part": it's entirely dysfunctional. Life is the purpose of the womb. Drinking blood somehow introduces this blood into your bloodstream that doesn't have enough blood in it because the heart doesn't produce enough. I cannot even begin to say how wrong this is. Even in a fantasy setting, this is just terribad biology. The heart doesn't make any blood. Drinking blood won't put that in your bloodstream. The idea of a creature that can't make enough blood to sustain itself is ridiculous in and of itself. A contagious airborne virus that just... stopped being contagious and airborne. Because.

Becoming a hermaphrodite via poorly explained magical disease gives you psionic powers for... no apparent reason.

It has powers comparable to a vampire's without any of the crippling drawbacks.

I'd give it LA +30, just to ensure that no one plays this. Ever.

More realistically, LA +11. Ish. Still pretty unplayable.
Wheren't the psionics explained as being a result of the disease being meant to help improve humanity?