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    Default Re: [3.5 Template/Disease]Fevirification [PG 16+]

    Quote Originally Posted by Cipherthe3vil View Post
    The mechanics have been touched on quite a bit, actually. The weaknesses are laughable in the face of the benefits for this template. Vampires get one move action to get out of direct sunlight and die. These need to have an RP 'encounter' 1/day or eventually start to see noticeable effects. Kind of. Or drink blood, which puts it in their bloodstream. Somehow.

    +4 is really low for what you get. A Phrenic creature gets 1 psi-like ability usable 1/day, for +2 LA. This gets a grand total of 7, most usable at-will. Probably at a +6 just from those. Toss in the ability score adjustment, more speed, and other similar stuff? +8, easy.
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