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Allow me to note a dislike of the LA system as standard, especially with regards to things like this. I'd nerf the heck out of this template - perhaps grant it abilities that scale instead of a bunch of high-level at-wills - in order to make it a lower LA and thus significantly more playable. As it is, a character made with this template is going to hurt compared to a character without it. See, the problem with granting it LA +6 is that it doesn't have the staying power required. It has a Con penalty and no damage reduction, fast healing, or regeneration. All it can do is heal themselves 1d12 damage a number of times per day equal to their App modifier, and recover 2 ability point damage a similar number of times per day. Assuming a roll of 18, with the +4 modifier, that's still only six times per day to counterbalance the feviri being very fragile compared to other creatures of her ECL.
I've never liked LA either, but its just the system...

How would you level it out then? And do you mean as they level up normally within classes they gain traits as they mature?
Or do you have to sit around and wait six or so levels of taking your own race before you can have fun with your actual wanted class.