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Bah, that's neither reason nor excuse. Just because Wizards couldn't be bothered doesn't mean we shouldn't work for something better.

Apologies in advance, I'm not terribly familiar with spell lists and don't have time to be mucking about them right now.

Take the telekinesis ability, for example. Instead of starting right out the gate with at-will, I would grant the character mage hand usable X times per day (probably at-will - it's a useful cantrip, but a cantrip nonetheless). At about 2 or 3 HD, it gets greater mage hand (or shield, mage armor, something like that) usable 1/day per 3 HD. At 9 HD, that's when you get the full-blown telekinesis, though usable only a few times per day. Maybe stick with the 1/day per 3 HD, or maybe go with 1/day per 5 HD.

I'd also tone down the physical ability boosts, as well. Perhaps replacing them with a haste-like ability, not necessarily magical, that allows the feviri to move faster for brief periods. It seems like it would fit better with the 'advanced, but flawed' thing you've got going on here than just a straight +4 Str, +4 Dex. It'd also help justify reducing the LA, because LA with Con penalty and no protections generally equates to dead character.
Right. Hear ye hear ye, thread now hushed until I make something along these lines.
*back to drawing board*