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    Questions and Answers:
    1. Why use the plural "ninja" and not the plural "ninjas"?
    The ninja attacked!
    How many ninja?
    It doesn't matter, because no matter how many attack, you only ever see one...

    Thanks to Ramsus post 4, I have edited my posts.

    2. If a noble dies in game do his followers become ninja?
    If we have enough players at the start of the game to play with ninja, then yes, his followers become ninja.

    If we don't have enough players at the start of the game to play with ninja, then a noble's followers just disband and are eliminated with the noble they follow.

    3. What does a Ninja Bodyguard do?
    A Ninja Bodyguard participates in nightly ninja clan decisions (influencing who the ninja clan will target for a night kill). He cannot use his Bodyguard ability anymore because the noble he protected is dead!

    What? A bodyguard who failed to protect his master? Live with the shame or die.

    Note: expect high attrition due to lack of baners.

    4. What faction does a Healer appear to have when spied on?
    The Healer appears to be a Townsfolk.

    5. Are role and faction revealed on death?
    If the deceased was assassinated, his role and faction are not revealed in the narration except nobles (whose role and faction are obvious).
    If the deceased was lynched, his role and faction are revealed in the narration.

    Furthermore, the narrations may reveal the faction (but not the identity) of the attacker.
    So-and-so was killed by an assassin loyal to Rules Lawyer #1.
    So-and-so was killed by the ninja.
    So-and-so was lynched. He was a spy for Rules Lawyer #1.

    Additionally, players are informed privately when an assassination attempt against them has failed and ninja learn the role and faction of their target if the kill is successful.

    6. What constitutes a 25% vote?
    It means 25% of the players able to cast a vote must vote for the same player.
    For example, if there are 19 players, then it will take 5 votes for the same player to lynch him.
    If more than one player garners 25% of the vote, the player with the highest number of votes will be lynched.
    If there is a tie between two players with 25% or more of the vote. The player who reached the tying number of votes first will be lynched.
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