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I'd love to use it as a horrific practical joke on anyone playing up the stereotypical womanizing bard type.

PC: I roll to seduce her!
Me: Oh god, again? Wait... you know what... no need to roll. She seems really into you. She invites you to her room.
PC: She has a what?! I get the hell out of there!
Me: Haha, oh I'm sure you try. Let me double check the grapple rules real quick.
PC: What do you mean my hair is falling out?!
Me: Hm? Oh well not all of it of course. Just your beard and leg hair and what have you. Ah! Right, also, you cloths are starting to get a little loose everywhere but the hips, and your chest is getting a bit itchy.
PC: What the hell? I go get cure disease cast on me.
Me: By all means, tehehehe
PC: ........
I laughed so hard xD I'll be sure to do the same in a game eventually.