A few thoughts

The party will, unless I severely misjudge the situation, shortly be arriving in Sigil. The obvious thing at that point is to have everyone have errands they want to run, contacts they want to meet and things they want to do. Logically, since everyone did their own characters, those activities won't involve the rest of the party. Rather than have the thread disintegrate into 8 single character epics, I'm going to try and keep the action on the party as a group. That means I'm going to try and keep things current when you arrive in the city, and it would really help if you stayed together, at least at first.

Later on there will (probably) be time for people to slip off and get things done on their own, but I intend to handle that off-camera for the most part, to keep the main game moving.

Sooner or later there is going to be some form of combat, and I've been thinking about the best way to make sure that doesn't drag. I'm thinking that the best way would be to have group initiative. Everyone rolls initiative, anyone who beats the monsters goes first, then the monsters then everyone acts again, then the monsters act again, and so on. In other words, ignore initiative differences within the party, and let people act in whatever order they happen to post in. I don't generally like group initiative, and of course that method would render people's initiative bonuses less notable, but it would still determine whether you or the bad guys went first.

Anyone see any problems with that?