I'd have thought that the fact that she directly referred to far realms, and her description of her appearance, would make the connection spottable, if not fairly obvious.

Note that there several theories as to where the Far Realms actually are. The most popular is that they are far away - outside the traditional great wheel cosmology - hence the name Far Realms. The second is that they exist in some of the spaces between the planes, and that any damage to the planar structure risks opening a portal to these mad and twisted realms. This is generally seen as less likely, because there are plenty of examples of planar rifts that don't do this. The last is that the Far Realms are actually all around us in some sense, but that most people aren't able to directly perceive them. This is a theory most often advanced by the mad, a group which includes a disturbingly high proportion of those who actually study the Far Realms in any detail.