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    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    I like this class very very much an have been trying to play it for a bit now.
    Thanks! I'd love to hear how it goes if you do.

    However, i am confused by the wording "per half your class level" that turns up several times. From the way it is used i assume it means "per two class levels" aka "times half your class level" but I'd like confirmation.
    This is correct. It's a lingo that is used a lot in WOTC splatbooks, like the warlock.

    If this is true, then the indigo Spark/Flame/Inferno line is very very strong (potentially too much). Spark is fine as a damage booster in the lower levels. Flame at level 10 already means a +10 to damage which can be a lot in a full BAB class. Inferno takes the cake for a minimum of 15 damage going as high as 30 at level 20, thats a lot of extra damage.
    You're right, that's too much damage. I changed Flame to be +1 per half your class level and Inferno to +1 per class level. Is that still too much?

    Sudden Opportunity: Very strong, but weird. You have full BAB and the enemy has to be dex-less already, and now you get an extra bonus. By that point you probably now have a guaranteed hit.
    Basically I wanted to give the trickster a method to help guarantee hits because they're taking two-weapon fighting penalties and their invocations depends on hits for fuel. But yeah, it's weirdly worded and almost useless until you can take more than one swift action.

    Arcane Detonation: An immediate action fireball effect, (especially if you use surge and its cheap with required surges) very powerful. The fact that you need to send out the figments before is pretty much the only reason I think this might be still balanced somewhat.
    I can see how it's pushing it. I don't think the damage is too high, but I removed the ally immunity and lowered the radius to 15ft.

    Crashing Wave: Nothing really wrong with this one, but I find it hilarious as i get the image of someone zooming across the battlefield actually leaving trails like a lightbike.
    This one's actually my second favorite invocation. TWFs desperately need Pounce so here it is. The second part though is based off some obscure spell that I swear I've seen in some splatbook but cannot for the life of me find. The spell was Sorc/Wiz 4 Evocation (I think) that turned you into a Lightning Bolt and you were instantly transported to the end of the bolt. So stylish!

    Find the Gap: Yes, yes it appears you just want to have people always hit things. Considering the figments and arcane detonation this will most likely be most enemies on the field unless they have uncanny dodge.

    Everything Else looks good, but really the combination of:

    Lowered Guard
    Ability to often negate dex
    Find the Gap

    basically assures a guaranteed hit on nearly every single attack roll (even when dual wielding) later on. It might be a bit much.

    I don't think having a high chance of hitting your target with all of your attacks is overpowered. I'm actually balancing surge activation costs based on the idea that you're hitting very consistently, since it's harder to balance around an inconsistent variable. So with a high hit chance being a given of the class, I want to see if the rest of the abilities are too powerful when added to that.

    Thanks for the feedback! I always appreciate it.

    EDIT: Hm, fixing up Sudden Opportunity / Find the Gap has me a little stumped. I'll have to think about those.