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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Sandy Shore

    Sandy Shore is a light blue unicorn with brown eyes. His name comes from his sand-tan mane, whose small, brown flecks give it a grainy appearance. Heís a bit shorter and skinnier than most unicorns, making him fairly small by pony standards.

    Skills: Sand sculpting/crafting

    Biography: Sandy Shore recently graduated from an academy of earth magics, and is now looking for work. Or at least thatís what he says. He seems a touch too old to be just coming out of his studies, and he knows an odd handful of spells that seem to have nothing to do with sand whatsoever. Either way, heís come to Bridle Shores to settle down for now.

    He's rather personable, and tends to not anger easily. He does really hate to see others upset, and does what he can to cheer them up. He also has a strong sense of duty, and will see any task through to the end.

    Sandy is, in a word, a pushover. He has a hard time saying "no" to other ponies, which usually gets him swept up in all sorts of crazy shenanigans. This also manifests in a general dislike of arguments and confrontation. He also tends to take things WAY too seriously.

    Fox Trot, Icy Touch, Minestrone, Smoothie, Picture Book, Soft Serve?
    Casual Friendships:Silverpine, Cypress, Gearstride

    Gearstride: Currently Sandy occupies the envious position of "Most favored target that isn't Silverpine" Also owes her a favor.

    Silverpine: Decidedly not a bro.

    Jormong: Met and confronted the Nightmare in his dreams. Currently on a "I won't tussle with you if you won't tussle with me" basis, at least from his view. Made a deal that allows him to remember any dreams he has.

    Alcoholic Beverages: NEVER AGAIN

    Cutie Mark: Beach with a calm ocean.
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