I'm considering throwing my hat in to start getting into FFRP. I'll lurk a bit longer until

Name: Machanic
Race: Pegasus
Appearance: Yellow Pegasus with scruffy burgundy mane/tail wearing dark goggles over orange eyes.
Age: 25

Skills: Inventor and mechanist that specializes in the pointlessly elaborate. He believes in inventions that anypony can use, but often makes more traditional devices that channel a unicorn's specialized magic. This calling has also made first-aid a necessity..

Biography: Mach was only 15 and learning to work with the weather machines in his home town of South Zephyr when the Summer started. This all but demolished the city, and nobody really knows what happened to it in the end and those who stayed. Now on the ground, Mach and the other refugees tried to get by, Mach himself coming into his own as an inventor.

Years passed and Mach fell madly in love with one of the unicorns in his new home that didn't act all superior to everyone else. He... doesn't like to talk about her much. Eventually, Mach left the town and was swept into a few adventures with treasure hunters.

A few weeks ago the group discovered some very precious gems in some ruins. The magic in the gems turned the group on itself, and Mach decided to get out before something bad happened. Now he's loaded as much of the parts he's collected that he could drag and tried to find the nearest town... Bridle Shores!

Personality: Often boisterous and bold when around his sphere of talents. Inquisitive and often drives himself to exhaustion. Sometimes ends up sabotaging himself when getting closer to acquantanceponies without realizing he's doing it.

Relationships: New in town.
Cutie Mark: a hallow 10-tooth gear