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    Slaver Plawt

    Quote Originally Posted by Kid Kris View Post
    Oh look! All the other guards ran away! Which means Keld arrived too late to make absolutely any difference in the battle! Yay.

    [Slaver Plawt]

    Solid stone of what kind? Such things may suddenly be called into question as stone meets steel. The steel of Keld's gauntleted fist as he simply attempts to slam it through the stone armor. And possibly grab Cessie. He's quite strong that way.
    Quote Originally Posted by happyturtle View Post
    Slaver Plawt

    Ezra is walloped by a walloped by a water elemental and then hit by Jasper's bullet. He drops the fey, staggers back, and then is suddenly being drowned by the elemental, coughing and flailing. I think he's out of the fight, and will drown in 4 minutes, if the elemental remains in his lungs.

    Whisper, satisfied that Ezra is getting his just punishment, even if it's by water instead of fire, returns to searching for Grass-bringer.

    Since most of the fight (except Cessie and Keld) is over, I'll go ahead and reveal what is found in the wagons:

    Wagon 1: Purna's wagon, with Grass-bringer. Fled!

    Wagon 2: Supplies

    Wagon 3: Slaves (one human male, one elf girl, that Harnel has seen) ON FIRE!!!

    Wagon 4: Slaves ('Up' and the troll woman)

    Wagon 5: Slaves (6 slaves)

    Wagon 6: Supplies

    Wagon 7: Slaves (6 slaves) Empty, slaves rescued and at the forest's edge

    Wagon 8: Empty slave wagon (formerly Whisper's)

    All of the slaves are gagged and manacled, hands behind back. The keys will be found on Ezra. The woman called Up in wagon 4 is half dead from starvation and dehydration. The two slaves in wagon 3 have suffered a bit of smoke inhalation, but should recover quickly once put in the open air and ungagged. The rest are in good health.

    Back at the forest's edge, Richard remains encased in glass, one goblin man is unconscious after losing his arm, one human man is unconscious from near asphyxiation, and the other three rescued slaves are healthy.

    Whisper is distraught that Grass-bringer is gone, nearly catatonic with grief.

    Since I'm travelling this weekend, please treat the slaves as npcs and Ezra as godmoddable (or dead, if Cessie chooses to drown him) and carry on without me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowcaller View Post
    [Slaver Plawt]

    Pure granite actually, though the elemental is actually very dense despite it's form and it's need to move. But if Keld is just running up to the mage and attempts to punch through her armor, he might find himself punched back by elementals granite fist with bone and armor shattering strength. It's most likely larger then him and also pretty determined to protect it's summoner, slamming him with a surprising speed as he attempts to get close.

    Cessie won't drown the centaur however, the elemental will retreat from his lungs eventually and choose to just keep the centaur in place. I can't imagine him going anywhere any time soon after nearly having drowned though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kid Kris View Post
    [Slaver Plawt]

    And, having contributed absolutely nothing to the plot so far whatsoever, Keld is now epically curbstomped. Brilliant.
    Quote Originally Posted by Murkus View Post

    "Scars n' stories. How exceedingly macho." The Lady scooches over to Jasper and tries to put an arm around him, grabbing the sake to take another swig. "Tell me one."


    "Tis good to hear ye're so eager." Cornelia smiles and gets pulled close. The gunslinger tries to give him another lengthy kiss, holding his arms. "See you then, love." With that, she'll start to button up her shirt and make her way out of the forest. Toward NO.

    Slaver Plawt

    With the fight wrapping up, hopefully no one will noticed the glamoured glass-head moving at a slow jog into the forest. He's invisible now, and since Cessie's occupied, Nayir hopes she won't be able to spot him leaving.

    ((I'm going to do a bit of godmodding to wrap things up. Let me know if I went too far and I'll edit.))

    Captured slavers:
    1. Keld
    2. Ezra

    Rescued slaves in good health:
    1. Nogri: Troll woman
    2. Renetta: Redhaired elf girl** (Ghar)
    3. Kent: Young blond man
    4. Usha: Older human woman
    5. Fili: Goblin female
    6. Pansy Applehill: Halfling woman ** (HT)
    7. Brand Applehill: Halfling man ** (ht)
    8. Lily Applehill: Halfling girl age 7 ** (ht)
    9. Tiko Applehill: Halfling boy age 8 ** (ht)
    10. Waterstrider: Wolfen male** (Wolfy)
    11. Pathfinder: Wolfen male** (Wolfy)

    Rescued slaves in poor health:
    1. "Up": human female, emaciated and dehydrated** (ht)
    2. Balik: A male goblin with an amputated arm, unconscious but stable
    3. Arturo: Unconscious human male
    4. Lisor: Female goblin, missing a few toes** (Harnel)
    5. Richard: human male, encased in glass

    1. Cessie
    2. Harnel
    3. Seth
    4. Isabel
    5. Jasper

    Escaped slavers:
    1. Nayir
    2. Darkrad
    3. Purna

    ((If anyone wants to claim a slave to make a PC of them, let me know. The ones with ** already have players.))

    "The nightskinned owner woman took Grass-bringer away," Whisper says mournfully. "What if I never see him again?" She doesn't appear to be talking to anyone in particular.
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