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    Quote Originally Posted by DracoDei View Post
    Haven't really looked at the class (yet?), but I would think that the save should negate the "Dex. Denied" thing.
    I'd rather keep it as a guaranteed Dex Denied. It requires someone actively destroying your figment before you can make it explode and then be within the radius, and it eats up your precious swift action for the round.

    It looks fine now. The 2 surge points per d6 might have been enough on its own. The increasing area is good but might prove problematic if the DM enforces the weird "area spells cut off at range limit" rule that apparently can create half circle fireballs and such. The area can still be huge, but nearly no one will ever amass that many surge points only to spend them all in one ability, outside of theoretical calculations or to annoy the DM.
    I changed the radius to 10ft. with each 2 surge points increasing by +10ft. At level 6, assuming you've successfully hit 6 times previously in the encounter (aka two full attacks most likely), you can use all your points do an immediate action fireball with a radius of 40ft, 6d6 damage, and Dex Denial which you and allies are immune to. That should make the invocation easier to understand and hopefully more balanced. If it's not strong enough I'll make the radius a fixed 30ft. again with surge points only increasing damage.

    Class Role: Controler/secondary fighter
    Its hard to figure out for me. There is a d8 and Full BAB but only a good reflex save. Some of the invocations can make you a formidable damage dealer but the low fort and will will temper any dreams about being the big tough guy. Its a very solid support fighter and screams trickster in a good way.
    That's what I'm going for. A powerful support fighter who is hard to hit, but isn't able to take a beating as well as a frontline fighter or barbarian.

    Skills: Virtually everything it gives the impression to need. The absence of Disable device i weird at first, but the mechannic of aquiring it later if you need it is fun and actually makes it have an impact. One thing I find missing is Sense Motive. For a class that is all about breaking the enemies composure, it would make sense to include a way to better analyse their behaviour.
    Good call. I've added Sense Motive.

    Skillpoints on the other hand are generous considering this is a class that relies on Int as the secondary skill.
    I was aiming for a ranger / spellthief / swordsage level of skillmonkey with the option of being more rogue-like at the expense of an invocation slot. None of those have INT as an important stat though. Should I lower it to 4 + INT?

    Arcane Surge: A fun mechanic, especially since it doesn't need the denied dexmod everything else is all about. With dual wielding and the assorted increases in hit chance you can very much rack up a lot of them easily. I would however confine it to melee weapons or define "attack" more precisely since otherwise you can rack up surge points by shooting things with a splitting bow like crazy.
    I've clarified it so it's either a melee or thrown weapon.

    Invocations: I like the Level scaling as I prefer it over "equivalent" spell levels. It makes least invocations still be effective later on. The amount you get however is a bit weird. you get 4 of each of the higher ones, but only 3 of the least. Personally, I would bump least invocations up to 5 (1 for the first 5 levels each) since rogue-alikes will pay one as a tax already and there are several good utility ones whereas many of the powerful ones will be exchanged later anyway. I don't think it would skew the power much.
    I followed 3/4 BAB progression with one adjustment for level 1. It's at least one invocation too little though so I made the Indigo Aptitude feat to address that.

    EDIT: I decided to change it so you get 5 invocations in the first 5 levels, which brings it in line with the other grades.

    Detect Magic: I am not really complaining about it, but it feels a bit out of place. Its a remnant of the warlock base concept. But even after several attempts to find something else, I can't think of anything better.
    It's from the spellthief too, and to some extent also the swordsage. It's helpful for parties and fits the arcane fluff.

    Lowered Guard: This is interesting, but potentially very powerful. It is basically an unnamed penalty to AC, which means it applies always, so also against touch attacks. This will make the character a boon for both the heavy hitters as well as the blasters in a group. But you'll have to keep track which enemies are denied their dex by an effect you did and which by someone else's attack.
    It's a holdover from when the class was two different classes and I merged them. I'm leaning towards removing it entirely because you always get a new invocation on those levels anyway. I'd rather not overcomplicate the class.

    Arcane Alarcity: Is it swift or immediate? Either way it allows you to spam once per encounter usually to go nova when you hit 20 surge points. Awesome.
    It's actually a mistake on both this and Uncanny Agility. Both are supposed to be another swift or immediate action.

    Arcane Fission: This is the absolute best thing that can happen for a TWF character. You no longer have to worry about WBL problems, you can just create more weapons. This also makes it an instant possibility to throw weapons without problems. The only weird think is the clause that it becomes a light weapon in the off hand. Can you make a copy of a copy? If you hold a Greatsword (you can hold it just not fight effectively) then copy it into the off-hand (free action) drop the greatsword (free action) and copy the copy into the main hand (free action) you are now wielding two greatswords that count as light weapons.
    I know this isn't really possible but the image is hilarious.
    Yeah, I didn't like how little support there is for thrown weapons so I wanted to make sure that your dual wielding dagger throwers got love here. The base class could work well with the Master Thrower PrC.

    The clause was made when it was pointed out that if they duplicate their weapon for dual-wielding then they'll be suffering further TWF'ing penalties if it isn't a light weapon. It's not intended to let you copy a copy, though it's not a big deal anyway.

    Thanks for the feedback! You have very insightful suggestions.