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I got asked to help enlighten people who don't know what this is, due to being in both fandoms.

A Simhata is, essentially, a lion-horse. Sharp teeth, a mane, hooves, and an excellent steed, for those with the power to earn such an honour.
The Dawn Caste mark is a sunburst-several golden lines radiating outwards.
I believe he wanted a Daiklaive as well. A Daiklaive is an overlarge sword, forged of a magical material. (In this situation, the sun-gole Orichalcum.) It is so heavy, it can't be wielded naturally, but attuning to it, by flooding magic (Or essence, as it's called in-setting) through it, lightens it. They tend to be about six feet long.
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Ooh, thank you. I was wanting to respond to Alterform's request and say I'm still interested in both parts, though the Simhata will be my avatar, the G-Gundam ponies is just for the heck of it.

I also wanted to specify Male and a straight, double bladed Daiklaive. Pose, tail and mane are fully up to the artist, and anything not pink or purple is good for the colors. Because I have no idea what would look good for the hair and pose.
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I've got a two part request, not necessarily for avatars, I've just started watching (Pilot, Spike is holding a red box with a gold ribbon on it) and I'm not 100% sure I'll want a ponytar yet. But the main caste of G-Gundam and a Simhata with a Dawn Caste Mark for it's cutie mark, please?
Decided I'd just post all of them again, with a proper request form for the Simhata.

My Little Simhata
Gender: Male
Type: Simhata (Earth Pony base most likely)
Coat color: Artist's choice
Mane color and style: Artist's choice
Eye color: Artist's choice
Cutie mark: Dawn Caste Mark
Pose: Artist's choice
Expressions: Determined, confident
Accessories or costumes: Daiklaive