The mayor steps up to the podium, and clears his throat. He the begins to speak, his voice magically amplified."Thank you all for coming. I know you have heard rumors that a dragon has taken over the lizardmen tribe, and that is why our traders never return. Well, I am here to put these rumors to rest." Here the mayor pauses. "The rumors are true." Ignoring the outcry from the crowd, he presses on. "At least we think so. I need a group of brave heroes to investigate what happened in the swamp, and to see if a dragon really is there. The heroes must also investigate if what has happened is related to the monster uprisings. If you wish to investigate, speak now. Your payment will be the entire town's gratitude, and any treasure you find in the swamp. I would offer more, but we have little money due to the lack of trade. Who will take up this challenge?"