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    "A dragon!?" Wilian thought. If such rumors were indeed spoken, I`m sure Master would come to investigate, if just to try his luck into some of the creature`s hoard. Very well, I must..."

    "Fear not my small friends, for BUGBEAR BOULDER, greatest grappler in the Realms, is here to save you!"

    "I, too, will give you..uh..reasons to not fear. Uh, Melhved will you...too."

    Oh god, they are taking all the places already! I`ll be left out! What do I do!? What do I do!?

    Willian hurriedly mumbled a spell by pure instinct, before thinking about the consecuences of summoning arcane forces in a crowd. Fortunately, his staff was pointing to the skies.

    BOOM! Ah... Ah... Wilian Fiedlerson, mage of, ah, um... High Explosions, shall take your challenge too!


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