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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    I guess it's not too late to join?

    Name: Cypress

    Race: Pegasus pony

    Appearance: Green, with a shaggy brown mane and blue eyes.

    Age: About 20

    Skills: Learning anything and everything, working with trees and plants.

    Biography: Cypress comes from and extended family of tree farmers, who specialize in everything from lumber to produce to decoration. Because of his background, everyone is named after a different tree. From a young age, Cypress loved learning anything he could, and absorbed everything he could in school. After attending a university in Manehattan for two years, he had read most books in their library and felt there was no more to learn at that school. Now, he has come to Bridle Shores to glean new knowledge. His current aspiration is to develop a way to grow trees in cities like Cloudsdale.

    Personality: Cypress is quiet and introverted, but one of the things he has come to Bridle Shores to learn about is friendship. He can remain level-headed in most situations, is soft-spoken until he is given the opportunity to provide knowledge, and opens up around people he is familiar with.

    Relationships: Friends with Fox Trot, Silverpine, Icy Touch, and Sandy Shores. Acquaintances with Minestrone and Gearstride co-worker with Smoothie and uncle to Magnolia
    Cutie Mark: An oak tree, symbolizing knowledge and wisdom, as well as his heritage.
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