Name: Post Script

Type: Earth Pony


Cutie Mark: A quill and paper

Special Talent: Creative Writing

Other Skills: roleplay, supervision, nagging, babysitting

Flaws: too bossy, very arrogant, can be pretentious

Biography: She was born and raised in Baltimare but frequents cities such as Manehattan and Fillydelphia occasionally to sell books. As a filly, she never really wanted socialization and was awkward towards other ponies her age. She eventually got into roleplaying but she didn't get a cutie mark until an assignment from school allowed her to write her own story. Now, because of being the best at her skill for such a long time, she has become arrogant and overly bossy.

Personality: She's really "higher than thou" but has a soft side for anyone who sticks around long enough. So at first, she's proud and stand-off-ish but she's oddly sweet and motherly.

Relationships: Loose Leaf, a filly who Post Script has taken on as an apprentice. Loose Leaf practically worships the ground she walks on without realizing that she actually has more of a talent for writing than Post Script does. So, she's a little jealous of Loose Leaf but all in all, treats her like a little sister of sorts.