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    Quote Originally Posted by Dallas-Dakota View Post
    Flame is a cool frood
    Quote Originally Posted by John Freeman
    These birds don't have to see Gordon Freeman yet. It's not time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Honest Tiefling View Post
    Attempting to use Iron Heart Surge can often lead to the player removing the 'not being beaten upside the head' condition.
    Quote Originally Posted by KoboldCleric View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Telonius View Post
    If you can somehow stack Drunken Master1 onto it, you could get an extra +1d4 damage. With the additional benefit of the Gnome "breaking apart and becoming useless" if he rolls a natural 1.
    I don't know Telonius, this seems dubious at best; "becomes useless" seems to imply that the gnome would have had to have been useful at some point before that, so I don't think they can quite qualify by RAW ...
    Quote Originally Posted by Klose_the_Sith View Post
    I rate the likelihood of that juuuust below Ned Stark being declared heir of Casterly Rock in book six
    Quote Originally Posted by Hirax View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor View Post
    ...You can't disintegrate trees?
    Huh. That's hilarious, then. Disintegrate really doesn't work on trees by RAW.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Kripke
    I wanted them to take all the accoutrements of Christmas and brutally slaughter someone with them.
    Quote Originally Posted by HappyBlanket View Post
    If I managed a gun shop, and someone came in and said "I'm emotionally frustrated and want to shoot people," I wouldn't say "have a Semiauto Druid with a Natural Spell magazine and a Wildshape barrel. Here's a handbook."
    Quote Originally Posted by Ason View Post
    1920: Committees & Caucuses: Robert's Rule of the Evil Order is not a good idea for a campaign, no matter how excellent the source material
    1920a: Especially if the villains are a clay golem named Henry, a drider named Daniel and a human Aristocrat/Evangelist named J.C. Calhoun. Doubly so if they name their evil cabal the "Great Triumvirate".
    Quote Originally Posted by Cormag81 View Post
    2117: No matter how good a debater I am out of character there is no way to logically get out of falling after your paladin kills his patron god.
    Quote Originally Posted by turkishproverb View Post
    ...once again, things are more awesome when Flame says them, because you hear them in gandalf-voice.
    Quote Originally Posted by WampaX View Post
    It ain't not over 'til the Rich Baker bellows.
    avatar by me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WampaX View Post
    It ain't not over 'til the Rich Baker bellows.
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