You are not your opinions
Dear person reading this, you are a human and you have emotions and opinions. The people in the thread don't know you so they will see your opinions and emotions and they will react to those with their own. This should in no way impact the human bit of you as very few people here know you and as such they are incapable of judging you, just your opinions. If someone disagrees with you or says something along the lines of "I think X is bad" they in no way say that you are bad, they merely disagree with the opinion. Occasionaly people will pull out calculations and it is hard to refute those but still they are not personal and they don't even mean you are wrong as there are usually many factors involved that can't be mathed. If you, as a person, feel insulted by anyone here please think: Are they saying I am bad or that my opinion is bad? This simple thought will help keep the conversation civil and keep it from dissolving of a mess of "no u" and general yelling.

Remember, unlike the 40th millenium, this place is not Grimdark.

Play like a madman
Everyone in this hobby is a bit mad. Everyone has models or builds they think are just too cool not to bring. And this is fine otherwise most battles would be over after five minutes of comparing lists. This might mean bringing lists that are not optimal just because they suit your play style. Professionals call this phenomenon "having fun" and it is the entire point of the hobby. And if this leads to people are telling you to not have fun they are wrong, so very wrong so go ahead and bring whatever list you like as long as you are having fun. Opinions are not everything.

ok, I am not really a wordsmith but what do you guys think of including these two blurbs (or something in the general gist of the story) into the OP?