good evenin'!

Have another requesting.


Cutie Mark: two arrows crossed over unadorned shield

The mane is supposed to be in a high ponytail, except I couldn't make that show in the sketch at all. Feel free to tinker, since I am inept ;)

Only avatar sized, of course. Colors are in RGB because I can't figure out the hex code :/

Coat R:100 G:0 B:80

Mane base R:255 G:230 B:162
Mane shading R:207 G:191 B:150

Eyes (darker) R:0 G:160 B:0
Eyes (lighter) R:0 G:255 B:0

Accessories are a Billy club/police baton, sherriff style badge (circle with star) and highway patrol style sunglasses.

As an aside, how helpful are sketches such as the one shown? I can't digital any art, but if throwing out workable skeletons would be of help to anyone, I'd gladly contribute what I could.