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    I've decided I need to start a quote collection. Because this description is too perfect to leave.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trog View Post
    Mauve is an awesome, awesome person.... Even though she really is a bee-breathing trekkie dinosaur.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lateral View Post
    Mauve RAWKS.
    Quote Originally Posted by Roland St. Jude View Post
    we do not discuss bananas publicly
    Quote Originally Posted by Roland St. Jude View Post
    Sheriff of Moddingham: I heard you like moderation in your moderation, so I put mind control denial in your mind control denial thread so you can go back to your fun while you're going back to your fun.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nix Nihila View Post
    Since you ponies are going crazy and Mauve isn't here, I *stab you with some custom Giuseppe Zanotti heels*
    Quote Originally Posted by Elemental View Post
    Mauve Shirt, you're now a main character.
    Quote Originally Posted by Crisis21 View Post
    *Promotes, Demotes, Remotes, Commotes, Gemotes, Locomotes, Portmotes, Postremotes, Preremotes, Barmotes, Swainmotes, Burghmotes, Witenagemotes, Terremotes, Wardmotes, and Emotes*
    Quote Originally Posted by The Succubus View Post
    *sets the pony fumigating spray setting to Negative 10.*

    Frikking overblown horses. =/
    Quote Originally Posted by Rawhide View Post
    Don't worry, they emailed the fire department.
    Quote Originally Posted by pendell View Post
    Side with Voldemort if you wish. I'll side with Seal Team Six.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trog View Post
    Mauve looks sort of mad-scientist-y today. If you're going to be a mad scientist you need an assistant.

    *reaches off screen, comes back with an overly large, misshapen bee*

    Mad scientist, Beegor. Beegor, Mad scientist. *introduces*

    mazzzzzter! bzzzz!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitten Champion View Post
    Did... did someone just try to justify torture using a webcomic?

    Quote Originally Posted by VanBuren View Post
    You're right. That story idea almost certainly never existed before Japan invented it 16 years ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by nyarlathotep View Post
    Is the brony movement plagiarizing the 2005 Z-grade horror movie Ponytrouble, because they're both about grown men getting too obsessed with little plastic ponies?
    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by snoopy13a View Post
    Wow, it's amazing.

    I'm not a Pokemon fan, but that parody is great. After all, Pokemon exist for their own reasons
    That's some Death is not Zombies dialogue right there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Telonius View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mauve Shirt View Post
    Keep losing power for a few seconds then regaining it. It went black, and now I have a White Russian when I did not before. There is a bartending ninja in my house.
    Just a brief power outage here. Stuck out my head to look to see if there was a transformer blown, and when I looked down, my drink was gone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Somebloke View Post
    You guys get to lead the free world, we get early release for Dresden files.

    Seems fair.
    Quote Originally Posted by JustSomeGuy View Post
    Guys, you should know that interacting with women at all is morally wrong, because cooties.
    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor View Post
    Nah, Mauve's just made of win when she's knighting it up.
    Quote Originally Posted by shadow_archmagi View Post
    I can't speak for the other posters, but if *my* tone comes off as hostile it's just a result of [redacted] derailing the thread *again* to talk about his perceived indignities.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gift Jeraff View Post
    Not being on TV Tropes just means the trope hasn't appeared in an anime or anything Joss Whedon-related.
    Quote Originally Posted by Socratov View Post
    and with your powers combined you are Captain Alcoholic!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kitten Champion View Post
    I'm confused, this is the internet right? Arguments are supposed to be meandering, pointless, and filled with acrimony.
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