Eldon Thorngage

The halfling, who has been preoccupied by gazing around in curiosity, suddenly notices that you're speaking to him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa there guys! Bob's not gonna' harm anyone her, unless I tell him to. But I have no reason to do that."

Eldon turns and gives the motionless skeleton a small reassuring-type pat.

"Bob is my helper, a sort of extra set of hands. He can reach stuff of high shelves for me. He can also protect me and my friends from trouble."

When he says this last part he motions to indicate that he means you.

"My parents pulled a lot of strings and paid a lot of money to get me into Discipuli Falcori, the prestigious mage school...."

Seeing that neither of recognize the name he continues on...

"...anyway, my parents expected me to carry on the family business. My heart was never in it. That is, until I realized that the same kinds of magic that raise the dead and pervert life force are also the same forces that command, destroy and protect against the undead as well as these evil effects. So I dedicated my studies to understanding necromancy in such a way as to root out and destroy its evil uses."
"My senior thesis was to create an undead servant. For materials I traveled to Grassfallow Downs, the site of an ancient battle between hobgoblins and elves. The leader of the hobgoblin host was a wretched creature named Bahbarsk. I was able to locate his remains by his ornate helmet and his warmaul. I thought it fitting that this hobgoblin raider known for his cruelty would end up serving the cause of good as he helped me rid the world of evil."
"Oh, and instead of calling him Bahbarsk, I just call him Bob.