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    Default Metal Heads and other Jak and Daxter stuff

    Recently, I started replaying the "Jak and Daxter" games, and when I saw the many types of Metal Heads, I thought they'd be good in a D&D setting. So, I decided to stat them out. I have a lot of stuff to post, so until I give the "all clear to post" post, please don't.


    1. Metal Head basic info
    2. Hora-Quan Stats: Lesser
    3. Hora-Quan Stats: Nobles
    4. Hora-Quan Stats: Tank-folk[Name in Progress]
    5. Gear, Weapons, etc.


    Species Basic Info: Hora-Quan (a.k.a. "Metal Heads")
    These things came out of nowhere! There were a bunch of them, and each one had some weird kind of crossbow that shot ammo from nowhere! How do you fight that?
    -Lidda, Halfling rogue, on her first encounter with the Hora-Quan

    The Hora-Quan, more commonly known as "Metal Heads," are an ancient race of reptilian/insectoid warriors who's physiology is so diverse that they fit any combat situation, ranging from forms similar to squids to massive tyrannosaurs. Though extremely diverse, all Hora-Quan have certain definite traits that are the same for all of them.
    Their biology is a combination of reptilian and insectoid characteristics. Their sizes vary, with the largest being a 60 foot centipede.
    Because of their variance, the only definite traits are 2 or 4 glowing yellow eyes, their Fused Armor, and a "Skull Gem" in their forehead or, rarely, their chest.
    Hora-Quan reproduce by laying eggs, which are gray in color with a large yellow spot in their center, which presumably develops into a skull gem. The eggs possess webbing to cling to the walls of the Hora-Quan nest.
    Hora-Quan seem to not possess a written language but have been seen with the ability to at least understand Common. It is believed by scholars that the Hora-Quan can understand Common but that almost all breeds lack the vocal capabilities to speak it. Others believe that they can speak Common but choose not to [The DM may decide which is the case in their game setting]. Hora-Quan are, however, sent into battle with leaders and their language (is believed to) consist[s] of a series of shrieks and screams. Hora-Quan also have the ability to communicate with each other telepathically through their Skull Gems.

    Hora-Quan are known to attack in force, and a large portion of their race are mainly long-range fighters. When preparing to strike a large town, they send out scouts to discover the best location to attack from.
    Outsider Traits: Hora-Quan have Low-Light Vision and Darkvision (60-foot range) Unlike most Outsiders, the home plane of the Hora-Quan is so similar to the material plane that their soul and body aren't one unit. This means that Hora-Quan can be raised or resurrected normally, as long as the skull gem and fused armor haven't been removed from the body. If either has been removed, it must first be reclaimed and placed next to the body of the Hora-Quan.
    Weapon Familiarity: All Hora-Quan are proficient with all types of "Hora-Quan" weapons, but won't use the weapon of another Hora-Quan without its permission. [See "Social Laws"]
    Skull Gem: All Hora-Quan are born with a Skull Gem in their forehead or, rarely, in their chest. Any creature with a Skull Gem in their body may use Telepathy with any other creature with a Skull Gem in their body, out to a range of 100ft.
    Fused Armor: Though it is unknown if they are born with it or if it is added after hatching [once again, DM decides] , but all Hora-Quan have special armor that is fused to their skin. The armor is made of a special metal that is very similar to force. Because of this, the fused armor is considered natural armor and also is not ignored by creatures of the incorporeal subtype. A Hora-Quan's armor, if removed from its corpse, can be used to make armor of the same type that fused armor is similar to for a creature of the same size or smaller. Any creature wearing fused armor that isn't a Hora-Quan is treated with an attitude of hostile by all Hora-Quans encountered.
    Social Laws: All Hora-Quan are raised within certain laws that have been bred into there society so deep, they follow them from hatch. First, all Hora-Quan must follow the instructions of any of higher rank in the evolutionary hierarchy. Second, except under rare situations such as tretchory, no Hora-Quan is allowed to harm another Hora-Quan. Lastly, if ever a Hara-Quan spots a non-Hora-Quan wearing fused armor or wielding a skull gem, they must reclaim it or mark the person so that the items will be reclaimed. If any other creature assists in the reclaim, they are to be rewarded with a "Hora-Quan" weapon, or be brought before a hierarchical leader so that the leader can reward them.
    Ferocity: A Hora-Quan remains conscious and can continue fighting even if its hit point total is below 0. The Hora-Quan is still staggered and loses 1 hit point each round. A Hora-Quan still dies when its hit point total is -10 or below.

    Hora-Quan Society:
    Little is known about Hora-Quan social structure. They have never been seen attacking each other, and don't seem to differentiate one member of their species from another.
    Hora-Quan also seem to show little to no interest in the indigenous fauna of other planes if they are around and often seen attacking those who venture out of a city's walls. Whether the Hora-Quan don't see them as a threat or not is unknown.
    Hora-Quan are united under the rule of the strongest members, and no member of lower strength would dare to disobey a superior.

    Hora-Quan Characters:
    Each Breed has its own favored class, which I will list after each breed.

    Again, hold off on posting until I make my "You can post now" post.
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