Antonio "Ancho" Peppers

The halfling rambles on for quite sometime about his family's perversion with the dark art of necromancy and his goal of using it for good, and of some mage school Ancho had never heard of before. Once the Halfling tells of his trial to reanimate the remains standing before the group, Ancho decides to scabbard his swords in a flourish.

"Well, that was quite the story! I've never heard of the school of necromancy being used much for good. It will be nice to have a mind like theirs on our side for once! I'm known as Antonio Rodrigo Alejandro Peppers, Rogue Extrodinaire. However, you two may call me "Ancho" for time's sake. What might your names be Gentlemen?

Once introductions are complete, Ancho will walk towards the gates, waiting as he must for the others to join him.

"Let us get out of this bog post-haste! A warm ale will surely smooth over any hard feelings from a moment ago!"