Ralston Allcott

Listening to the halfling, he grinned slightly and looked this...over again. He turned to Ancho as he listened to him and gave a sage nod. He had indeed heard of the necromantic arts turned against the undead they were so apt to control, but he had not met a practitioner of such arts in a long time.

"In that case, I'll just find him...ugly."

Giving the halfling a wide smile as he hooked his thumbs into the belt that held his mace and several potions and a scroll case he regarded both Mr.Peppers and Mr.Thorngage.

"You may call me Ralston. Ralston Allcott. Cleric of St.Cuthbert who has is far from home and has given his life to the good of this land I've found myself in. Now I have to say, an ale sounds about right after such a journey. Shall we?"