Steadying himself on the cart, Bugbear quickly recovers his composure and gets right back into character:

"You heard the Mayor everybody! Tomorrow morn*ahem*, midday: <pointing at each adventurer in turn> "Lightning Lizard" and... um... "Billy Boomstick"... and... "The... Gorgeous Goliath" will join me, BUGBEAR BOULDER, as we battle the unknown terrors of the swamp!"

"Snakes! Alligators! Bullywugs! Lizardmen! Maybe even a Dragon! The greatest battle Halmaren has ever seen! Who will survive!? Who will be victorious?! Who... will buy me a drink at the Mayor's celebration feast tonight?!"

Bluff check to see if anyone actually believes that the Mayor is throwing us a celebration feast tonight: (1d20+2)[15]

And with that, Bugbear leaps off the cart, triumphantly marching towards the tavern, waving, smiling, shaking hands and patting backs as he struts by. He has fully convinced himself that the stunned silence of the townspeople is reverent awe at his presence.