Might want to change that part- I don't see anything about "forest lords" in the abilities, just bears and spiders and rocs.
Just a bear? Its a legendary bear, something that chews up dire bears and spits them out.

Just a spider? It could wrap up king kong.

JUST A ROC?! The largest non-aquatic animal (to my knowledge) in any wizard book?

Also, recall, they arrive one size category larger (the roc and spider are now colossal, and the bear huge) than normal, +8 to strength, +4 to con (with additional hp as a result), +2 to AC, DR 10/magic, and +4 resistance bonus to each save.

You would not consider these 'forest lords'? Even if they were just normal fellows for their race they'd still be 'beastly great gandfathers'.

Maybe a Red Man got him before he could finish typing.
Just a couple words got backspaced there. Adjusted.