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    Mel trudges along, making her 7 foot frame as inconspicuous as possible. She notices the butcher she had been thinking about speaking to walking alone not far away. Steeling herself, she strides closer.
    "Hello, um..Garnst, is it? Uh..hi, I'm going to be... may have seen me...volunteer....uh..we're going's a dragon...and so what's been happening?" she uncomfortably stammers.


    However, she does not get hear his response as she feels a slapping on her elbow. Looking around she sees a blue-faced man in the loud man's clutches. He seems to be in a bit of distress. Mel gives a slight tug on the loud man's cape and says,

    "Should he be that color?"

    The loud man continues yammering on about throwing his laundry. She tries to move his arm to give the blue man some relief but it feels like corded steel. "Well, I can try mother's maneuver," she thinks reluctantly. She grabs the loud man's arm in a firm grip, takes a moment to build her strength, and fiercely growls,

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