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Thread: [3.5e Bloodline] Glamerkin (PEACH)

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    Default [3.5e Bloodline] Glamerkin (PEACH)

    Uh.. Apparently I make decent bloodlines. So here: Have another.


    What, this image used to be for the Magyk-Touched you say? I know not of what you speak. You saw nothing.

    Fact One: Higher-Level Illusions often start becoming real (See Shadow Conjuration).

    Fact Two: Wizards are lonely, single guys with no Charisma score to speak of.


    Meet the Glamerkin.

    1 Disguise +2
    2 Disguise +2 Disguise Self, Half-Magic
    3 Charisma +1
    4 Disguise +2 Disguise Self, Half-Magic Silent Image (1), Illusioncraft
    5 Illusionist Affinity +2
    6 Charisma +1 Minor Image (2)
    7 Bluff +2
    8 Disguise Self, Half-Magic Silent Image (1), Illusioncraft Major Image (3)
    9 Dexterity +1
    10 Illusionist Affinity +2 Shadow Conjuration (4)
    11 Illusionist Affinity +4
    12 Charisma +1 Minor Image (2) Not Quite Real (X)
    13 Diplomacy +2
    14 Bluff +2 Mobile Illusion
    15 Intelligence +1
    16 Silent Image (1), Illusioncraft Major Image (3) I am the Illusion (7)
    17 Illusionist Affinity +6
    18 Dexterity +1 First Sight
    19 Intimidate +2
    20 Illusionist Affinity +2 Shadow Conjuration (4) Neverending Lie

    Disguise Self: Glamerkin, as beings naturally attuned to illusions, have the ability to alter their guise with a very thought. They may use Disguise Self at will.

    Half-Magic: Glamerkin possess some of the most potent supernatural powers derived from bloodlines. However, this power comes at a cost. A portion of their being is defined by illusion magic, causing them to be susceptible to Dispelling. If they fail a caster level check against a targeted or Area dispel (Treat them as if they were a magic item with a CL of 1/4, 1/2 or 1X their level for these purposes), they are stunned for one round, their powers are unusable for 1 minute/CL and they take an amount of damage equal to (1/4, 1/2 or 1X their level). Disjunciton works similarly, except on a failed roll the Glamerkin dies instantly. On a successful roll, they instead take twice the usual Dispel damage. Additionally, the Glamerkin detects as if they were an Illusion spell with a CL of 1/4, 1/2 or 1X their level.

    Illusioncraft: Glamerkin are born of Illusions and as such have power over them. As they advance, the Glamerkin gains access to a number of basic Illusion spells, powered by Illusioncraft Points. The Glamerkin has a number of IP equal to 1/4, 1/2 or 1X their level depending on bloodline strength which refills with an eight-hour rest. All saves are Charisma based and the CL is equal to 1/4, 1/2 or 1X their level, depending on bloodline strength. These are spell-like abilities. Each use of these abilities takes an amount of IP as indicated in the chart above.

    Illusionist Affinity: Glamerkin are the descendents of being summoned for the sole purpose of being companions to mages. As such, the Glamerkin retains some of the traits that were found so appealing to these Illusionists. The Glamerkin gains a bonus on all social interaction checks with individuals capable of casting a spell or using a spell-like ability of the Illusion school.

    Not Quite Real (X): As is evidenced by Half-Magic, the Glamerkin isn't entirely real. They can use this to their advantage to avoid physical injury. As an immediate action they may spend a number of IP to ignore an amount of damage equal to 3 times the amount spent. This ability does not function against damage dealt by Dispels.

    Mobile Illusion: It's annoying when you cast a wonderful illusion and have to leave it behind. Or when it's just too darn small. The Glamerkin however gains the ability to move the illusions created by their Illusioncraft 5ft/level as part of the standard action used to concentrate on them. The illusions still must remain within the usual maximum range.

    I am the Illusion (7): The Glamerkin are created from Illusions and to illusions they may go. They gain the ability to entirely become an illusion. By spending 7 IP as a standard action they may transform themselves into a Major Image. While in such a form they cannot be harmed aside from Dispels. A successful Dispel reverts them to their normal form and deals the usual quantity of damage. Whilst in Illusion Form, the Glamerkin may use Mobile Illusion to move about and has full senses within the range of their illusion. While is Illusion Form, the Glamerkin is not corporeal and as such cannot attack through corporeal means. They can, however, use other supernatural means of action. Like spellcasting. Though it must be noted that they have no access to material components while in Illusion Form, nor do they have no physical hands for performing Somatic Components. As such, they are incapable of casting spells requiring Somatic or Material Components.

    First Sight: Glamerkin are illusions. How could they ever be fooled by them? The Glamerkin gains immunity to all Figments and Glamers as well as a +2 bonus on saves against all other forms of Illusion.

    Neverending Lie: At the pinnacle of their power, the Glamerkin learns how to tap into their innate Illusion and extend it beyond their body. They are treated as having a Persistent Image centered on them at all times with a radius of 5ft/level. However, this Image has the same limitations as a Silent Image. That is, unless the Glamerkin spend IP to boost it. By spending an amount of IP, the Lie gains the abilities of a Minor Image for 1 minute/point spent or the abilities of a Major Image for 1 minutes/ 2 points spent.

    Yes, I realize this is kind of disturbing. Let me answer your confusion with one of my own: Fire Elemental Bloodine.
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