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If a Glamerkin is half-illusion, half-blank... Then what's a Half- Elf Glamerkin? Also: If a Glamerkin has children with another Glamerkin, what happens? What about if a Glamerkin has children with an illusion? Hm... resist... urge... to... make... race... Anyhoo, this is cool. I like it. Though, wouldn't more shadow-themed power be appropriate? Now I feel like I'm rambling and have lost all coherence, so I'll stop.
Though the implication is strongly that one parent is the illusion, that is not necessarily the case. It could have been a few generations back.

Similarly, though Shadow Conjuration seems to be the easiest route to... Glamerkin creation, again there are other options. Such as Epic-Level Spells. Those Wizards have way too much time on their hands.

I had the latter in mind when creating this, hence the lack of shadows.