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I can think of a very practical reason to not allow light armor proficiency: Unless you want to have your hands become nothing more than a mass of scar tissue, you need to be able to cut yourself in many different places. Stabbing your way through leather armor isn't a trivial task, but it would be funny to watch. The look on a player's face when you ask him to roll to hit himself would be priceless.
Wounds heal.

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Um, what's the hit die? It should probably be a pretty decent size, since he needs all the HPs he can get...
D4. I'll be testing D6 HD, but it's extremely unlikely that I'll change it, because it trivializes the weakness (hit point cost for spellcasting) and gives a huge resource pool for the boon (mitigation of GP and EXP costs), neither of which are positive qualities. Use your healthy CON modifier for a large hit point pool like everybody else. :p