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    Default Re: My Little Pony: Avatar is Magic (also Adopt-a-Pony)

    Man, I'm glad I found this thread.

    Homestar Canter
    Ponyfied Homestar Runner
    Gender: Male
    Type: Earth pony
    Coat color: Red with white head and hind legs (nonexistent front legs)
    Mane color and style: Something resembling Homestar's propeller cap
    Eye color: Black "comma" eyes both visible
    Cutie mark: A solid white 5-pointed star
    Pose: Side view, with H*R style head profile. Standing on "all" fours, but "holding" a slice of pie, about to eat it, or a glass of piemonade with a straw about to take a sip
    Expressions: the open mouth of the HRwiki main page
    Accessories or costumes: if the propeller cap doesn't work as a mane, just stick a normal one on top of the head. Also, the large shoes would be nice, but I'm not sure how good that would look on a pony.

    If anypony takes on this request, please PM me about it. Also PM if you need any clarification. If you don't understand the character I want, check out the HRwiki article on Homestar Runner. Thank you.

    E: By the way, if you think it would look better in a different pose, let me know. We know from "Suited for Success" that the customer is not always right.
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