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Grrr, I wrote that thing over a year ago, lemme alone ::)

Not to overly criticize, but I have a bit of a problem with the Humbled Spirit ability: the duration of immunity for those who make their saves. 1d6 minutes? Seems kind of cumbersome. Does the DM roll for each player and hide the result? Most such abilities allow 24 hours of immunity, which saves player hassle (if they are forced to count rounds until they are vulnerable to a monster's special attack) and DM hassle (honestly, I would likely forget who's invulnerable at given times).

Also, the ability itself doesn't have a duration.
I don't mind critiques at all, as thats the main reason I postem. This is basically a Crushing Despair spell at will, though with better reach, but those unaffected become immune to it for awhile.

I don't see how its more difficult to keep track of than any spell casting creature, as if it was really casting crushing despair you'd have to keep track of who all was affected, especially if it casts it again.

As for how long it lasts, basically as long as they are in its presence. Will elaborate.

Have you been contacted by the Spooooky Wizards yet? Thats almost a whole sourcebook lying in that post on the wizards boards.
Pfffttt, honestly I doubt Wizards would give a flip. In their yearly big hoo-ha of a contest I won 2nd place in their monster making competition.

The three top finishers were to recieve:

#1. A material prize.
#2. Ability to change their avatars whenever you like (normally you just have to pick a stocked pic)
#3. A little message saying you are an 'Uncon Prize Winner!'

It took over 6 months before I got my prize, and that is after sending at least 3 emails just trying to figure out how we were supposed to get them as we just kinda won and never heard anythign back from those sponsoring it. Finally I managed to get hold of the head WizO of the forums himself and finally got my prize.

My avatar I still cannot alter at will (though I at least got them to change it to what I want, though I can't adjust it or anything like some of the other winners can).

And I don't have a thing about my being a winner of it anywheres.

So if I have to go through this much trouble just for them to recognize a creature that won in their special contest for them to get around to the promised reward, I'd bet they've never even read a single creature post of mine.

(Yes, I'm kinda annoyed withem ;) )