Needs Pounce, just to fit the flavor (I'm imagining it dropping onto people into a grapple).

Also, I'd probably move the Stinger down to Special Attacks (to allow it to use full BAB, but only be conditional), and make it (probably) ignore the -4 penalty on attacks while grappling, and possibly also deny dex and give the target -4 to AC while pinned (as if it was another creature).

Possibly also make it so that either its True Strike or Deft Strike applies to all attacks it makes in a Pounce. Probably True Strike, with Deft Strike being what it uses while grappling.

The idea behind these changes is to make it so that it stands a chance of hitting things that a Marut would fail against.

Also, perhaps, to fit the suicide mission theme, it can gain some stat increases (strength, especially; it needs to be a better grappler), activating this as a free action, but takes damage every round that this is active, loses Fast Healing, and can't turn it off (it has to die).