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    The power of the class is difficult to judge, and would vary greatly depending on party synergy. For example, a blood mage is very powerful with an allied cleric willing to repair his hit point damage, and share it through shield other, plus a stocky dwarven fighter willing to make a blood pact. On his own, not so much.

    Casting all of your daily spells at 19th level requires inflicting more than 300 hp of damage on yourself. I am curious about how you expect that to work. My thought is that any optimizer worth his salt will find some way to get fast healing at a low level in order to support the hp damage involved in spellcasting. Perhaps you might as well grant fast healing 1 at some point to avoid making it a feat/level tax.

    The trouble with allowing hp damage to replace gp and xp costs is that it's a viable trade only if the spell in question is a combat-related spell with a limited duration, so that the hp cost is meaningful and the benefit is limited in scope. You've done a good job of that with this list, but it's rather easy to get foreign spells added to a spell list (I can think of at least five ways to do it). I would recommend adding text that forbids the use of any other feats, features, or items to increase the blood mage spell list in any way.
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