Trying to regain his composure and some measure of dignity in front of his new companions, Bugbear gets to his feet and lifts Krivesh out of the puddle.

" *phew* Sorry friend, I... Oh! Lightning, it's you! Sorry about the mess, please don't zap me. Heh."

Turning to Melhved, "And apologies to you as well madam, I've, um, never met a Goliath before. I'm used to being the biggest one around!"

Bluff check, if you feel like using it: (1d20+2)[16]

It's a lie; early in his wrestling career Bugbear faced two Goliath women warriors in a tag-team all-challengers event. By the end of the match Bugbear and his partner had been stripped naked, spanked, and swaddled like infants.

"Well friends, shall we head to the tavern? (Stand up straight Billy, heroes don't slouch.) These people look sorely in need of distraction. Maybe we could put on a bit of an exhibition tonight? You know, get them excited for the big show. Feats of strength, demonstrations, I do this one trick people love where I lift a barmaid up on each arm. Hey, can anyone juggle?"