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    Default Re: Paladin Academy: A Playground Inspired Story

    Paladin Academy: Chapter 2: Part 11

    Along a deserted hallway, the stone walls stood perfectly still. Except for a small portion of it which gives way with a cloud of dust. The hidden stone door glides open as a cloak figure emerges from the chamber behind it. He then slowly pushed to stone door back into place, so it could become part of the wall again.

    The man looks around the hallway before he reaches into his cloak and pulls out a piece of parchment. He unfolds and smooths it out to reveal a map of the fortress. His finger traces the page until it stops at the same hallway he just emerged on. He then moves his finger along the hallways, figuring out a specific route. He then refolds and stores the map back into his cloak before making his way down through the fortress.

    After several minutes, he turns down another hallway and stops. In the distance, he could hear a *Thump* moving ahead of him. As the sound got louder, he hid behind a suit of armor that looked like it was hastily put together by a nine year old. Recaiden then peers around to see what was causing the sound. He couldn't believe his luck when he saw his target come into view before disappearing down another hallway.

    His mind started calculating everything that he saw. She had a crutch and was limping, meaning she was injured. Catching up to her would be no problem and it would be harder for her to fight back if for some strange reason she knew he was there.

    He emerged out around the suit of armor, his stance like that of a predator stalking its prey. His steps start to echo off the walls as his anticipation edges him on. Suddenly he stops, looking down at his feet. He forgot that his target was able to sense sound according to the information that was given to him. He snarled as he realized he needed to move slower than normal to make absolutely no sound at all. It made the task all the more difficult that the floors were solid stone.

    He took a breath, and then made his way slowly to the edge of the hallway. Looking around, he saw his target was some distance away, but still in his sights. He slowly turns down the hallway and after the girl. It didn't take long for him to realize that they were both going the same speed. His only hope was that she stopped for whatever reason.
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