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Necromantic, astral spiders is pretty bizarre too, to be honest. I mean, how did anybody come up with that idea?
I believe it involves a form of illicit drug, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, just two entries today, as the next few monsters are in a set (see if you can guess what said set is given by the name of the second monster here).


Crucifixion Spirit
As the name implies, this incorporeal undead is the ghostly spectre of an individual that has died a very specific death: namely, crucifixion (what a tweest!). They aren't particularly jolly fellows, especially given that their wrists are broken and contorted even in death, and most of their scorn is directed toward divine spellcasters. They are CR 11, and with good reason; while many undead these days have turn resistance, crucifixion spirits have turn immunity, rendering Clerics impotent when it comes to the standard turn/rebuke strategy. In addition, they have impressive ability scores (including a Charisma of 20!), hefty spell resistance, a paralytic incorporeal touch, and a particularly wicked supernatural ranged attack: Crucify Soul. As its name implies, this special attack rips the soul from the body, leaving a translucent soul that is clear to all and crucified mid-air by ethereal nails that cause intense spiritual pain. Dealing a negative level per round, the soul crucifixion has the added whammy of "even wish, miracle, and resurrection have a 50-50 chance of failing to bring you back after you die from this ability". To top that off, the Will save to escape the soul crucifixion is based on the spirit's highest ability score: its Charisma. I think somebody was in a vindictive mood when they came up with this creature, but I can't deny it has a certain interesting quality to it.

Technically, the demons and devils are in a block after the crucifixion spirit, but as with the ToH, I'm going to do them last as a pseudo-appendix, lest I have an aneurysm. So...draconids. In spite of the name, these are Aberrations, not true dragons; specifically, they are CR 9 hydra (or maybe not, as the text is vague on whether or not they look like they are part hydra or part indeterminate dragon)-spider hybrids that live in the terrifying depths of the underdark. They have two venomous bites, they have a fiery breath weapon, they can shoot webs! What can't they do? The answer to that question is "pretty much anything else". Bafflingly, draconids have an Intelligence score of 6, higher than that of either the monstrous spider or the hydra.