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    The Game Begins

    Welcome to the City of Spires!

    Rules Lawyer #1 didn't know how the Lord Ruler of the Spires had been killed this time, but the Lord Ruler was gone - vanished now some 18 days ago without a trace. Rumors ran through the City saying the ninja had taken him out. If this was true, then no one in the City of Spires was safe. The ninja could be anywhere and no one could take the Lord Ruler's place until the ninja were found and eliminated.

    Rules Lawyer #1 put the finishing touches on the three envelopes before him. Messengers would take them out to the three nobles with valid claims to the title of Lord Ruler. Those nobles were TigerFang, Tilt, and Low-Key. His work here done, Rules Lawyer #1 started packing. It was time to get out of the City of Spires before those messengers reached their destinations and chaos erupted in the City…

    The three nobles are Tigerfang, Tilt, and Low-Key.

    Rules Lawyer #1 left the City of Spires before the ninja could get him. He is the narrator.

    Day 1 Begins Now and Ends in About 48 Hours.
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