Blue Ghost
Race: Human
Class: Mage
Level: One

Muscle 12
Endurance 12
Agility 10
Smarts 18
Personality 18

Bonus Arcane Spell Damage: +8
Bonus Divine Spell Damage: +8
Bonus Melee Damage: +2
Bonus Ranged Damage: +0

Health: 24
Max Carrying Weight: 240
Current Carried Weight: 18

Shortsword (Seven pounds, 8 damage, normal attack speed, worth $50)
Hood (Three pounds, worth $10, no DR)
Tunic (Three pounds, worth $10, no DR)
Pants (Three pounds, worth $10, no DR)
Boots (Two pounds, worth $10, no DR)
Blue Ghost was the second person (the first behind Crimson Angel) to enter the server. He soon joins a small group of players to explore a cave (The group was: Maxios, Crimson Angel, Akrim, and Grlump) and joins the Adventurer's Guild afterwards.
Blue Ghost later starts a Wizard's Guild. Thoughts?